Ideas about referencing

Like many people who teach in universities, I often need to provide students with guidance on how to include proper academic references, and I know that it’s easy to underestimate quite how difficult the concepts of referencing, of reviewing background literature, and of putting things into your own words, can appear to students when they first encounter them.

So I was very interested to read this piece by Alec Gill, which I saw in the Times Higher but is also on his blog at .  However he hasn’t mentioned one of the most important reasons to use a single referencing approach throughout a document, which is that mixing referencing styles within one document is a ‘soft marker’ for plagiarism.  But I do like his recommended approach of putting the author’s name first, then the date, then the type of resource.  Those with a computer science background may recognise this as a form of object orientation, where an ‘object’ could be a paper, a book chapter, a painting, or any of a whole range of things, but you state at the beginning what sort of object it might be.


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2 Responses to “Ideas about referencing”

  1. Alec Gill Says:

    Dear Martin,
    Thanks very much for your comments. I did not know anything about what you said about computer science. Therefore, I appreciate that angle on this situation.
    Good Luck with all your academic work.
    Alec Gill at Hull

  2. martinrich Says:

    Thank you Alec, and good luck with your work on referencing

    Martin Rich

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