Sellotape and spectacles

Last week was slightly frustrating for a series of minor mechanical failures. The frame of my glasses broke: being a bit short-sighted and slightly middle-aged, I often find it comfortable to take my glasses off while reading.  Doing this repeatedly was obviously hard enough on the frame for one of the arms at the side to snap – to be repaired temporarily with sellotape but permanently by putting the existing lenses into a new frame.  A valve in a loo cistern at home failed, mking it difficult to flush an doubtless wasting a lot of water.  And the mouse pointer on my laptop took to marching across the screen even when I wasn’t touching the mouse.

I can’t help feeling that I ought to be able to infer something significant about technology management from this series of faults, but I can’t, so this is really just an opportunity to use this blog to make inconsequential remarks about what’s on my mind


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