Should I or shouldn’t I

A few weeks ago I blogged about three equipment failures in a short time.  Since then two of the three failures have been repaired, thanks to a plumber and an optician, but getting my laptop to work properly is proving elusive, and I think I need a new laptop.  Which begs the question of whether I should go for Windows 7.  Or is it too new and untried, and should I stick with Windows Vista or even XP?  Or should I move away from the idea of using Windows at all on a laptop?


2 Responses to “Should I or shouldn’t I”

  1. Saivignesh Says:

    Windows 7 is extremely good. I have been using Windows 7 for the past 2 months and I didnt find any problem with it. It is an upgraded version of vista, (Bugs in vista fixed). Good redesign of Vista.

    I have used Fedora and Solaris, it took time for me to adapt to a new environment. Graphics and appearance where fascinating in these two operating systems. I will give 10/10 for graphics and appearance in Fedora.

    The problem i faced was Solaris doesnt support any of windows plugins and they where very expensive to buy. In Fedora, it took a lot of time to fix a small bug. Windows would have fixed it automatically.

    The advantage of using windows is we need not worry about the Operating system and concentrate on our work, whereas in other operating systems we need to fix them ourself and would end up in a chaotic situation in busy days.

  2. Saivignesh Says:

    I found out this blog page which tells about different versions in Windows 7.

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