A site being too clever?

I’ve just been browsing http://www.pecha-kucha.org/ ; although I haven’t witnessed it, I know that this presentation format has been used with some success by MBAs at Cass.  The site cleverly includes a Google map and tries to work out where I am, and tells me where I might find Pecha Kucha events near me – a location-based mashup, in fact.  It’s a pity that, while I’m in London, it concludes that I’m ‘somewhere near Horsham’



One Response to “A site being too clever?”

  1. Afshin Says:

    I checked it out, and I must say it told me that I am somewhere near London. But I was surprised when I saw Kuwait City in one of the 20 events near my Location!!

    check this one out! http://portwiture.com/

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