Tweeting businesses

Sathnam Sanghera has some astute observations at about why Twitter works better for individuals than for businesses.  I’m also interested to see somebody at Ford (their head of social media in the USA)among the examples cited of businesses using Twitter effectively – since I’ve sometimes cited the example of the motor industry, which tends to put glossy animated brochures on the web, as an example of a sector being unadventurous in its use of web technology.



One Response to “Tweeting businesses”

  1. Sylvain Fresia Says:

    I find this article really interesting and that reminds me that many traders are actually using twitter to exchange information and share their knowledge (which links point 1 and 4 of the article!) .Maybe companies themselves should not use twitter but they could use some of their employee to advertise for them or use twitter in a benefic way for the company (which i know is already done in the financial sector).

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