Ocado, texts, and apples

Ocado is an interesting E-commerce case study because of their emphasis on logistics.  So two, unrelated comments, about Ocado. One is that they send rather gushing text messages to their customers, along the lines of ‘this is a little reminder of you 11am delivery, which will be brought by Stuart in a stupendous spinach van’ – thereby using a variety of channels to contact their customers, and making their staff seem a little more human than might otherwise be the case.  The other is that this week they have Egremont Russett apples in stock – a variety that can usually be found at this time of year, but seems to have been in short supply in London at least this year


2 Responses to “Ocado, texts, and apples”

  1. Andrew Abboud Says:

    I have been an Ocado customer sicne they started and several years ago studied the online grocery market in the UK and the US. Ocado has since its inception been very mindful of the fact that the only face-to-face human contact customers have with the company is through the drivers/delivery people. They invest a lot in customer service and in several years of using them I can only remember dealing with one grumpy person.

  2. martinrich Says:


    That’s very much my experience as well – they do seem to pay a lot of attention to detail over their customer service. Not only are the delivery drivers the face of the company to customers, but they (and the vans) are also very visible to other other people around, who may be potential customers, and their behaviour does reflect on the company as a whole


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