Getting to know the iPod

One of my birthday presents this year was an iPod nano, and I’ve just been having some fun setting it up.  Mine is an attractive metallic green, and when you plug it into my home PC, the iTunes software starts up with a picture of a green iPod.  It’s a small thing, but the attention to detail is typical of Apple.  It also has a few neat new features, such as a pedometer which should work out how many steps I take, and how many calories I use up walking, during a day.

It’s already tempted me to the iTunes store – I’ve started to load an eclectic set of CDs,  including some which had been lying around my office for a while.  One of them is a recording of Haydn’s seven last words – my CD has been scratched so that I can neither transfer it to an iTunes library nor play it as an audio CD: a quick search of iTunes and I’ve downloaded a classic recording of the piece – recently reissued – by the Amadeus Quartet (I know – this is really a piece of Easter music, but I’m planning ahead).


2 Responses to “Getting to know the iPod”

  1. Cormac Heron Says:

    Glad you are getting into your music. Have you tried Spotify? It’s great (if you don’t mind the ads too much.)

  2. martinrich Says:


    I’m very impressed with Spotify – one of the people who recommended it to me was my brother-in-law who, like you, plays the banjo


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