Palm comes full circle

I’ve been following closely the fortunes of Palm, because the business’s problems in many ways encapsulate the difficulties posed by disruptive technologies.  For Palm, the disruptive technology is the smart phone, which has made there traditional business of personal organisers almost obsolete, because it makes little sense now to produce such a product without adding a Sim card, and adding a Sim card puts these products in direct competition with both the iPhone and the Blackberry.  When Palm launched their Pre smartphone last year, I predicted that it would be well-received by technical journalists and other commentators, and that it would sell poorly – both predictions have come true.  Now Palm is to be sold to Hewlett-Packard , a business which has a presence in many different sectors of the IT business but not, so far, in any type of mobile phone.  Interestingly, in the era when stand-alone personal electronic organisers did have a big marked, Palm was one major player with devices using their own operating system, while Hewlett Packard was another player using Windows Mobile devices



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