iPads and Advertorials

Apple’s launch of the iPad in Europe is imminent and there are prominent advertisements for Apple showing screen dumps from the Guardian.  The same images appear on Apple’s British web pages.  The original American web pages showed similar images but with screens from the New York Times.  For France the screens are from Le Monde, for Italy they are from Corriere della Sera, I guess an interesting displacement activity for somebody would be to go round Apple’s websites from different parts of the world and compile a list of which newpapers Apple had partnered with.

Which raises the same question that I raised about advertising for iPod adverts last year.  Given that this is advertising both a device (the iPad) and a content provider (the Guardian) do they both contribute to advertising costs?  Or is there some other deal around mutual promotion?  I ask partly because today’s Guardian has a piece where a number of early adopters – one of them the editor of the paper – write about their experiences of using an iPad, and several readers have commented that this reads as something of an ‘advertorial’.  To be fair, it’s paired in the paper with a not uncritical article about Steve Jobs, but I still wonder what sort of deals are behind all of this.

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