Phones and the older generation

For various reasons I’ve recently been looking at mobile phones designed specifically for older users.  The most prominent player appears to be Doro, a Swedish company run by an entrepreneurial bunch of people who are mostly still under fifty.  I can’t help thinking that part of the brilliance of their business model is to come up with a range where the more expensive products have the least functionality – for instance the more expensive and specialist phones in the range have text messaging disabled.  However it’s an interesting example of a niche market and it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into the ergonomics of the keypad and display, to make them easy and comfortable for people who might struggle with many current mobile phones.  There are a couple of other players: the Emporia life phone, made by an Austrian company, with its angular lines and orange display, has something of a 1970s retro look to it, and Binatone also makes a big-button mobile phone.  It’s a niche market, but an interesting one to watch.


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