Banking technology from the past

I share my first name, Martin, with a town in Slovakia.  Spelt backwards, it’s the name of a fertiliser.  And until 1970 Martins Bank was a High Street bank based in Liverpool but with branches .  My grandparents, who had lived in Merseyside, had been customers of Martins Bank.  When it was absorbed into Barclays, my grandfather, who never liked change, was disappointed that not only had he become a customer of the much bigger, impersonal, Barclays bank but they tried to encourage him to get one of their then-new credit cards.

There is now an archive of Martins Bank material on the web and it is remarkably informative on the bank’s use of technology in the 1950s and 1960s – click on the ‘technology’ entry on the menu on the left to find out more.  I’m particularly interested to see that Martins were early adopters of ATMs but not at all certain whether the public would ever accept them


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