It’s still working

Quite a few of my students will have heard me tell an anecdote about the first television that I bought, which was a small Sony Trinitron that caught my eye in the shop window of Dixons (as it then was).  It’s a useful story because I can hang on it points about brand values (I wanted a Sony television, not just any television), innovation (Sony’s Trinitron tube was a neat and practical development of the traditional colour television), the strategies followed by major Japanese companies, and even globalisation (as it happened mine was made in Japan, but many Sony televisions of the same period were made in South Wales).

If you heard that anecdote last year I’d have told you that this television had been up in the attic for a while and I wasn’t sure whether it still works.  In any case, my daughter and a friend plugged it in last week, and were delighted to find that it still works perfectly – though appalled to see that it’s only set up to receive four channels.



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