Why I need vehicle telematics

One (rather expensive) chore that I dealt with last month was taking my car in for its annual service.  The second most frustrating thing about this was that the garage needed to keep the car for four days, most of that time waiting for parts.  A vehicle telematics system, which monitored the car’s systems and could communicate directly with the garage, would be really useful here: it could automatically order parts which were necessary and the garage could just ask me to bring the car in when the parts arrived.

The most frustrating thing is that since being serviced the car isn’t running as it should, but the symptoms (lots of roughness and vibration when it’s stationary with the engine running) only become apparent when it’s been going for about half an hour.  So a mechanic from the garage could drive it round for a few minutes and assume that nothing was wrong.  But some sort of telematics/monitoring system would be useful in establishing exactly what was going wrong


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