Windows in the future

Charles Arthur in the Guardian has an interesting piece marking the 25th anniversary of Windows  . I’m struck, as with so many pieces on the Guardian’s site, by the vehemence of some of the views expressed among the comments, and the absolute conviction that some of the commenters have that Windows, or Microsoft, or personal computers will disappear before long!  Personally I tend to go along with the commenter who wants  a big clunky keyboard and a mouse, but would observe that (1) this makes me feel old, (2) this is a personal preference, not a philosophical viewpoint, and (3) this is partly a matter of conditioning, as I’ve been using Microsoft/Intel-based computers for practically all of my working career – which also makes me feel old.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that there will be a move away from PCs as we know them, and whatver devices take over will be available with chunky keyboards, mice, and probably taskbars with start buttons in the corner for familiarity.  However I couldn’t possibly predict what this would mean for Microsoft.  Many of the commenters tacitly assume that Microsoft won’t adapt because they are so closely tied up with operating systems and office software.  But the same logic applied to Apple a few years ago would have failed to predict Apple’s diversification into the music and phone businesses.


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