Hoxton stories

Earlier this month there was considerable publicity surrounding David Cameron’s plan to encourage high-technology businesses to develop in east London, particularly in the area around Hoxton.

While I welcome the initiative, I’m sceptical about the silicon valley comparison, partly for the reasons set out in this piece from Computer Weekly , partly because the real potential of this area is to create some sort of synergy between the creative and artistic cluster that already exists in this area, and an emerging cluster of technology businesses.  The result could be very interesting indeed, but it won’t be a direct competitor to silicon valley.

Meanwhile one group of people who are planning a new venture in Hoxton (they’ve found an empty shop and are fitting it out) remains firmly in the creative camp, and is devoted to setting up a Ministry of Stories – with support from the author Nick Hornby who is promoting it on his website at http://nickhornby.campaignserver.co.uk/?p=222

Nick Hornby has a (creditable) track record of support for charitable organisations, particularly through his patronage of the TreeHouse specialist school that his son attends, and in a clever nod to somebody else who does business around Hoxton, he’s being compared to Jamie Oliver in some of the press coverage.

So will there be any synergy between the Ministry of Stories and the area’s emerging high technology cluster?  Given that storytelling within businesses has some value as a way of cultivating knowledge, I’d recommend that any entrepreneurs wishing to set up businesses in the area could do worse than drop in at the Ministry of Stories on the way


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