Speeding up the process

Tim Luckhurst has a background as a journalist, and is now a professor of journalism at the University of Kent.  In a piece for Times Higher Education, he draws attention to one of the differences between academic and journalistic writing, that of the pace of writing and feedback is much more rapid in journalism.  I must confess to a guilty interest in this, since my recent paper in the International Journal of Management Education about reflective practice in dissertations really isn’t that recent: it was first submitted around three years ago and I’m afraid the delays in revision were as much my responsibility as the publisher’s.

So I have some sympathy for the argument advanced in the article, that we academics could learn from journalists how to produce things more quickly.  But it’s a pity that he hasn’t discussed either how the motivation to work quickly could be increased, or how technology, and some of the ideas of web 2, might be used to encourage new sorts of academic publishing which encourage quicker reactions and feedback.


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