Location-based opinions

Last week I, and my virtual organisation students, looked at two sites which combined elements of location-based systems, with the idea of publishing participants’ reviews and opinions: Rummble and FourSquare.  Both are based on similar principles that their users can check-in at different places around the world, connect with other people who are visiting the same place, and swap recommendations.  Discussion areas for exchanging travellers’ tips have been around since the early days of the Internet, and these constitute a web 2 take on the idea.

There’s something quite surreal about the scrolling list of check-ins on Rummble’s front page which, as I started to write this blog post, juxtaposed one particpant’s visit to Warrington with another’s visit to St Moritz.  Meanwhile on FourSquare somebody has just become the ‘mayor of Taco Bell’ somewhere in Alabama.

Rummble is based in London, and one thing that strikes me from a casual look at the website is the level of integration with other tools: facebook, twitter, and a whole range of mobile device platforms, and the recognition of background concepts such as the long tail.  In fact I’m intrigued by just two things.  One is how Andrew Scott, their survivable, ambitious, and dark brown-haired CEO, appeared to get from Hoboken in New Jersey to Westminster in London in one minute in the early hours of 1st December.  The other is exactly how the business is going to develop, but it’s certainly one to watch.


One Response to “Location-based opinions”

  1. Hajar Says:

    I think he time-traveled, or maybe just time-zones?

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