I’m dreaming of a white birthday

There’s been more cold weather here in London, and the bookies’ odds on there being a white Christmas are shortening.  Apparently the formal definition of a white Christmas requires at least one snowflake to land on the roof of the London Weather Centre: a patch of snow on high ground that fell a few days earlier, hasn’t melted yet doesn’t count.

In fact it’s still not certain whether it’ll snow in London on my birthday (a week before Christmas and a day off as I type this).  But, in the spirit of web 2, mashups, and widgets, the Meteorological Office provides this neat widget with details of the next few days’ weather (which doesn’t work this morning because there is some problem with WordPress and JavaScript).

Update (1) it came on to snow suddenly in London just after I put up the original version of this post

Update (2) you should be able to see the widget by following this link 


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