Ocado’s occupational hazard

Online supermarket Ocado launched a revised website at the start of this year.  It’s slick, looks good, and fits well with Ocado’s strategy.  But it’s not an unqualified improvement in terms of usability.  Click to edit an order that you’ve made earlier, and it isn’t obvious how to change what’s in the order.  Click over the ‘view order’ button and you can do exactly that – view the items you’ve ordered but not add or remove anything.  To change the contents of your order you need to click over the ‘trolley’ button which is conspicuous enough on the page, but isn’t obviously what you want.  Maybe that’s counter-intuitive, maybe it just seems strange to me because I’d become used to the previous version of the Ocado website.  So it’s a reminder of quite how important and subtle usability issues are for e-commerce, and also the extent to which changing a website carries an occupational hazard of confusing or deterring some of your existing customers.


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