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Today’s entry in Michael Blastland’s series on data presentation for the BBC is inspired by the recent census.   It’s nice to see some rational discussion of the problems associated with incomplete and possibly inaccurate data, especially as I recall at least one instance, after an earlier census, of a tabloid journalist discovering that statisticians do need to extrapolate from incomplete results, and writing a headline along the lines of ‘census people invent households’.  And because census data is released after 100 years, the 1911 census is now available online, with a very 21st century ‘freemium’ model where you can do simple searches (such as who lived in a particular town with a particular surname) for nothing, but need to buy credits to get at the full data.

Talking of data, this makes nine posts on my blog during March.  Not my most prolific blogging month but I’ve been busy with work – and with filling in my census form online.


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