Fools rush in

Commodore’s launch of their pastiche 1980s computer (mentioned in my blog last week) very early in April led some people to wonder whether it was an April Fool.  It wasn’t, as far as I can tell, but the Internet was the vehicle for some interesting hoaxes on April 1st.  I liked Google’s Gmail motion where you could compose emails just by gesticulating at your computer, complete with a convenient PDF reference sheet for useful phrases.  But there were also interesting dynamics when the national newspapers published April fools in a blog format, particularly among the comments.  The Guardian invited its reporter Olaf Priol, who appears to be on a one-piece per year contract, to provide a live blog on preparations for Prince William’s wedding, prompting quite a few readers to post messages of outrage, totally unaware that they had been duped.  Presumably the note series: April fools only appeared in the margin after midday on 1st April.  In any case it raises issues of what you should do if you need to point out something that makes the readers of a blog look stupid.  And the Telegraph also invited comments on this spoof report related to another forthcoming marriage .  Again, not all the commenters seemed to have noticed the date.


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