Ovi and out

It’s ironic that Nokia chose to announce the end of its Ovi brand in a blog post with a Facebook sidebar reminding readers that 310,594 users ‘like’ Ovi by Nokia (that’s as of 11am BST today).  Since Ovi is a much less prominent brand than Nokia – irrespective of whether it’s a good tactical or strategic move to ditch it – maybe this suggests how little significance there is to a large number of likes.

My reading is that Nokia sees concentrating on its core brand as a complement to concentrating on ‘traditional’ mobile phone products and it will be interesting to see how this works out.

Incidentally it’s amusing to see one commenter suggesting that ‘Ovi’ sounds too egg-like for a mobile telecoms business, despite the name Ovum having been used by a very well-respected IT and telecoms consultancy for around 25 years.


2 Responses to “Ovi and out”

  1. Pino Says:

    I’m sure those 300,000+ fans like the services behind the word Ovi, like Maps and Store. Not just the word 🙂

    • martinrich Says:

      In practice I tended to associate the Ovi name with the maps on my phone, but I do take the point about the fans liking the service and not just the name. And of course the Nokia name still attracts considerable brand loyalty (including mine).

      Thanks Pino for following up on this

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