Strange mobile spam

I had a spate of unsolicited text messages last week offering me compensation for an accident.  Of course it’s possible that they knew that I’d tripped at a bus stop in April (see my blog posting on ‘ouch’) and were offering to fund my purchase of a small packet of sticking plasters from a convenience store in Finsbury Park.  More likely it’s a ruse to get details of working phone numbers – given that it’s very easy to send bulk text messages to a whole load of recipients by trying random numbers in (for the UK) the 07 range.  Still, it’s interesting to read here about what these spam messages are trying to achieve, and what their legal position is


One Response to “Strange mobile spam”

  1. txt4ever Says:

    Thanks for linking to my post. Just to clarify, the aim of these messages are to solicit business for accident claims companies and lawyers. They are not checking the validity of the numbers, as, unlike email, this can be done without sending an SMS and at a fraction of the cost of a text message.

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