Watching the sky

I wandered out yesterday evening to catch sight of the lunar eclipse (there’s a neat Google Doodle to mark the occasion although it hasn’t yet appeared on Google’s list of doodles that have been used).  Long summer evenings, where it’s light until almost 10pm, are one great thing about living in the British Isles…

In London the moon rising coincided with the period when the moon was totally obscured.  The old weather rhyme goes red sky at night, shepherds’ delight/red sky in the morning, shepherds warning, and any shepherds watching the sky at this time, at least where I was, would have been ecstatic just after sunset yesterday – though they would have been disappointed, and rather soggy, this morning given how heavily it’s been raining.  But even better than the dramatically red sky was the view of the moon emerging from the eclipse, first as a crescent, and the full moon being visible two hours later.


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