Managing new products

Product lifecycle management is an emerging term in business but is topical because of the importance of bringing out new products rapidlyto respond to new requirements.  This supplement was produced recently by Lyonsdown media and distributed with the Daily Telegraph earlier this month.

Incidentally Brian Davis, who edits the supplement, has excellent polymath credentials, since as well as being an experienced writer on technology and business, he is an accomplished cartoonist with a specialism in angels…

Be aware, in reading this, that many of the businesses covered in the supplement do have products to sell, and are using this publication as a vehicle to show them in a good light.  So the articles do tell positive stories, and don’t tend to include  much in the way of critical evaluation of the tools being used.   Nevertheless there is much interesting material here, and some valuable indications of what businesses can do to respond to changes in the landscape in which they work.


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