Another chunk of the ring

We’ve walked one more segment of the capital ring since I last blogged about it – this is a section through Docklands and it’s worth looking around and thinking about quite how much the area has been transformed over the decades.  100 years ago it was a busy industrial area, 50 years ago much of it would have been derelict, and most of the residential and commercial developments in the area are new since then.

This is one section of the ring where there are two alternative routes: we took the walk across the Steve Redgrave Bridge, with excellent views across the docks, rather than the principal route which goes closer to the Thames and takes in a walk across lock gates which can feel a little precarious.

Locks south-east of Steve Redgrave bridge

At the end of this segment we went under the Thames using the Woolwich foot tunnel, the less well known and less heavily used of the two pedestrian tunnels under the river in this area.  The much busier Greenwich tunnel connects the centre of Greenwich with the Isle of Dogs.  There’s extensive building work going on right now around the circular pavilions which constitute the entrance to the two tunnels, and if you want to walk through the Woolwich tunnel you need to look carefully to find the entrance amid the hoardings and scaffoldings.

To my surprise I noticed as we walked through the tunnel that my mobile phone was picking up a signal.  But apparently the tunnel does include a ‘leaky feeder’ (not the most reassuring name for a system if it’s installed in an underwater tunnel) to provide phone coverage.

The lifts are not in use at present in the Woolwich tunnel


2 Responses to “Another chunk of the ring”

  1. Mo Pamplin Says:

    Hi Martin,

    I really liked reading this post, it brings back strong childhood memories. In particular getting the ferry over to North Woolwich and doing the Wednesday night race at the Eastway closed road cycling circuit, then riding home. Normally too tired to rush for the last ferry, we’d use the foot tunnel instead – but then there was still a rush to get to the other end before the last lift!

    It never seemed like a very attractive job, being the lift attendant in that tunnel.


    • martinrich Says:

      Thanks! I’d never been through the Woolwich tunnel before, and I think I’ve only been through the Greenwich one twice every, which is nothing considering the number of times I’ve been through Greenwich. We’ve done another section since then, through parts of south London which I hardly know at all, so do watch this space.

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