Research methods on video

One thing I’ve been working on lately is understanding the need to teach research skills to students who need to do some independent work as part of their course.  If you’re one of my students who is working on a dissertation right now, that means you.

In fact one of the best sources of research methods tuition is YouTube.  Alan Bryman, who wrote one of the standard works on business research methods, and one towards which I often point students doing dissertations, is here addressing a group in Florida.  He’s explaining mixed methods, but for that to make sense he starts with a really good, succinct, explanation of qualitative and quantitative research and the difference between the two.

It’s a very simple, unflashy, presentation.  He uses PowerPoint slides, sparsely, as a storyboard but for the most part you don’t see them on the video because you don’t need to.  Instead he explains, simply and fluently, some subtle concepts which the students in his audience are probably encountering for the first time.  And if you are about to embark on some research for the first time, even if it’s an undergraduate dissertation, this is a great source to use.


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