Catching up with the capture

Just to follow up my earlier post where I mentioned lecture capture – in practice it’s been taking me some time to get the videos of my lectures for economics students online.  If you’re an economics student taking my module and you’re reading this, please bear with me because this is a learning process for me.  But also it’s taken a little time to get everything set up so that I can edit and publish the videos while I’m at home, or in the office: there have been some issues around security certificates and browser compatibility that needed to be sorted, and also, embarrassingly, at least one point where I mistook one editor function for another so I managed to post a video where I left in a recording of the comfort break, but carefully edited out the content!

If all this sounds like a gentle moan that we are further from interoperability of computer systems than we should be, or a feeble excuse for being slow to post material, then it’s both of these.  Despite that, I’m very optimistic about the potential for lecture capture, and very happy to be participating in a trial.  It’s still a new system, and there’s every reason to expect that the user-friendliness of the editor, the ability to edit from anywhere with a browser, and the lecturers’ own collective expertise as to how to use it effectively will all improve dramatically.  And I do like the unobtrusiveness of this approach – it’s set up to start automatically, and to be made available automatically through the Moodle virtual learning enviromment once it’s been edited by the lecturer.  Watch this space.


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