Interactivity at the iMoot

A couple of related things that I’ve taken away from the iMoot virtual conference for Moodle users.  One is the sheer ability to combine different sources.  So one contribution that I will remember is by John Iglar, who teaches in Ethiopia and had problems accessing the necessary tools on the Internet, who put his piece on ‘gamification’ up as a set of resources that attendees could explore interactively, using Slideshare, YouTube, and others.  I saw Twitter being used to gather ideas from attendees, in parallel with the more traditional approach of asking people to type their thoughts into a chat window.  Because Moodle is open-source it’s intrinsically extensible and a range of plugins were discussed (for sheer creativity of name, I like the idea of the video/audio add-on called PoodLL).  Quite a few presenters used the voting facilities built in to Moodle to run quick polls and to involve audience members.  And I did get to drop briefly into one virtual cocktail hour.  So a very impressive exercise from the viewpoint of creating the feeling of a conference where people were physically present.


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