What next for Nokia

Nokia may have lost the dominance that it once had in the mobile phone market, and as I’ve remarked before the emergence of a different set of players as providers of smartphones is a pattern which marks the smartphone out as a disruptive innovation.  But Nokia’s product launches still attract lots of attention from pundits, whether it’s to admire the technical finesse of their new phones or to bemoan the difficulties that the company has in ensuing its continuing success.

On the BBC website there’s an interesting roundup of a number of experts’ views.  The remarks about cameras – where Nokia is clearly going for excellence – are noteworthy.  Maybe there isn’t a demand for a smartphone with a great camera, as distinct for a good one, because users who want a great camera will still want to buy a device that has photography as its prime purpose.  So a pocket phone with a camera that can rival digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) products makes for an attractive product that lots of potential customers may want to look at.  The question remains of whether many people will want to buy it, and on that I’m not optimistic for Nokia


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