Liveblogging from the Association of Business Schools learning and teaching conference

After a little time away from blogging (too many other things happening) the annual learning and teaching conference run by the Association of Business Schools is a good opportunity to get back into it.  This year we’re in Nottingham, in a rather attractive conference centre created by Nottingham Trent University from a combination of grand Victorian and even grander 1950s buildings.

Rebecca Taylor, who is dean of business and law at the Open University, is today’s keynote speaker and has interestng ideas about personal learning, and about the connection between informal and informal learning.  Particularly striking is her take on openlearn as a forum for informal learning, given that this attracts huge numbers of learners (unlike most university resources there are materials on the web which attract up to a billion page views) and the view that this is a way of increasing the ‘reach’ of the open university and making ever greater numbers of people aware of its work.

She’s just been asked about MOOCs (I told you that this was liveblogging) and suggested that MOOCs would offer participants an additional type of informal learning experience, but one which could be part of a journey towards more formal learning.  Given the amount of thought that’s being given to the business model underlying MOOCs. and the Open University’s involvement in FutureLearn, this is food for thought


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