More blogging from the ABS conference

This isn’t live blogging any more, because I’ve been back since last Wednesday afternoon, but still worth catching up on.

There were two very engaging talks in the flexible learning stream starting first thing on the Wednesday morning:well done not just to the presenters but to the attendees who made the effort to come along and to engage in some really useful discussion.  One was by Chris Jones from Aston, who had been working with lecture capture (or Aston Replay to use their catchy name for their system) and in fact touched on two things that interest me right now: the benefits of lecture capture and the challenges associated with revision in economics for first year students.  Chris was interested in measuring whether there was any discernible advantage in terms of students who viewed lecture capture attaining higher marks.  He had lots of quantitative findings, but the one that sticks in my mind is that students who viewed (or listened to) lecture capture recordings did better than others on essay assignments, but not necessarily on multiple choice questions.  Which is interesting because of the questions that it raises: it’s possible, after all, that there’s no causal relationship at all, but that students whose learning approaches and preferred strategies are such that they are inclined to use lecture capture recordings are also the ones who tend to be better at writing essays.

Immediately afterwards there was a talk by Will Green from Leicester about blogging.  This was in the context of business and management students undertaking placements in industry, and particularly linked to the idea of generating critical thinking skills.  Students do gain a huge amount from spending time in the workplace during tehir courses, but it was great to see a discussion and some thought of how this could be enhanced with some useful reflective writing about their experiences.


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