Apple’s latest update to its operation system has brought the word skeuomorphism into the public eye.  Some of the choices of image used in the interfaces for smartphones do look quaint, most notably the microphone used to denote when a phone is operating as a recording device, which appears more like something from the 1930s than anything more recent.  My Android phone has a simple voice recorder behind an icon of a tape-recorder with giant open reels, which is perhaps more of an artefact of the 1970s that some of Android’s developers might remember.

The move away from this approach towards a simpler, blockier, set of icons caught my eye because, in Apple’s implementation, it does seem to copy some of the look and feel of Windows phone.  Which, given that over the years, and going right back to the inception of Windows 95, I’ve heard grumbles that Windows tends to copy ideas which had been used in earlier products from Apple, is a significant reversal or roles


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